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TYPO3 Form Extension: Debugging YAML Type Definition

Um sich die YAML Definitionen auszugeben, kann man in der /typo3/sysext/form/Classes/ViewHelpers/RenderViewHelper.php in Zeile 103 ein debug einbauen. DebugUtility::debug($form->getFormDefinition()->getTypeDefinitions());  

Load formular with ajax and display it in fancybox lightbox

Just a code snippet: The link: <a href="#" id="the-opener-link" data-url="/link/to/form">Open form</a> The JavaScript: $('#the-opener-link').click(function(event) { ${ href:$(this).attr('data-url'), type: 'ajax', afterShow: function() { $(".fancybox-inner form").bind("submit", function () { $.fancybox.showLoading(); $.ajax({ type: "POST", cache: false, url:...